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September 2011


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Sep. 13th, 2011

Long time, c'est la vie

It's been a couple of years since I posted. yikes! However, a LOT of family events have kept me from getting here. I do still faithfully crochet, as you can see on ravelry.com I just haven't had a chance to keep this journal up to date. We had an unexpected death, some hospital stays, and then I was very focused on getting hitched! Eventful certainly, but now maybe I can squeeze in some craft journaling. Wish me luck!

Nov. 20th, 2009

As I promised...

As I promised so many months ago: Pics of the finished cable blanket!

I even received a nice comment from the designer herself (krwknitwear.com/) on www.ravelry.com I'm excited, and even more excited to meet the lil' one herself (who is already pushing her due date). I wonder if that is an indication of the type of person she will be?

Happy Friday :)

Oct. 23rd, 2009


Is it too early to talk about Christmas? Not in a crafter's world! I was inspired to write after reading Auntie BubboPants advice column on ravelry.

The not so recent economic downturn really has had me thinking in general. Now that I'm engaged, the future is an open topic. Where do we want to live? What kind of house? Neighborhood? What is most important to us? What do we want potential children to know? I've discovered things just in this past year about us that I never would have expected from myself! For example, I cook now. Not like a gourmet chef, but c'mon - my cooking extent used to be ramen! Now I can produce an entire meal that I would actually serve people. I like to host. Who knew? I Love having people over. We LOVE a farmer's market. I didn't know that, but we love to support the local farmers, bakeries, mom and pop shops - the whole bit. Now we're talking about having a garden and learning to can our own veggies (esp. tomatoes for sauce!). When did I get so domestic? Is it the economy? Is it the scary idea of truly being an adult now? It's all of those things plus some.

I like the idea of supporting the community we live in. I like that we could be more self-sufficient and earth-friendly by producing our own crops and storing them. Not to mention the health and financial benefits. I like that we could help our family and friends by giving some of that away to them.
I like making "heartmade" items. Whether that be crocheting, baking, or making a mixed CD. I like seeing something develop out of my energy and love. The satisfaction in completing something, and the joy in passing it on. And I like that by doing these things we are emphasizing values that are important to us: being there for family and friends that are family, caring for nature - the environment and community in which we live, being involved and aware of our lives instead of being passive participants. 

It's taking me some time to put these things together, and I'm not there yet, but the more time goes on, and the SO and I talk, it becomes more apparent the type of life we might lead. It's exciting! We have a large network of family and friends, and it's so awesome to see how our lives are going to reflect such rich blessings.  

Ok. So having said that: Christmas! Every year I try to develop a giving plan. Who do I need to buy/make for? What can I buy/make that will fulfill my desire to gift and be a nice item to receive? The greater question is actually: How do I do just that and not feel pressured to live up to some invisible standard? Like I said, we have a large network of family and friends. How do I make them all know how much we care for them and not go broke (where I live teetering anyway) in the process? Thankfully, it may be the economic situation that has some people coming to their senses. For example my family is focusing on handmade items as being the preferred method and gift of choice. My S.O. family is stressing time spent in each other's company as the gift in and of itself. I LOVE both of these ideas. Now, I just need to convince myself. 

Why do we feel the pressure? As a society, as families, to give something that may be out of our price range, or feel guilty for not giving/being able to give much? Where did this come from? I echo Auntie from ravelry when I say that this tradition has blown out of proportion. It's meant to be joyous, and indeed in my faith a time to celebrate a birth of hope.

I implore that at Christmas this year we take hold of the invisible standard and bend it. Turn it back to what it was meant to be in the first place. Joy in the middle of winter, thoughtful and heartfelt gifts no matter how small, love and peace among our family and friends.

Aug. 18th, 2009

back from vacation

Just wanted to hop on and say that our trip was great! Vegas was a real experience. I did bring crochet on the plane (all 5 flights) and made some decent progress on the filet blanket. I even had a couple of flight attendants comment on it. My 13 month old nephew was intrigued as well, staring at the yarn every time I pulled up another length to use. I cannot say I crocheted anywhere else since I was completely preoccupied with being in Vegas. What an awesome atmosphere! The Strip was fascinting, but I have to admit that "old" downtown Las Vegas and our excursion to Red Rock National were my two favorite things. Also a disclaimer working it outCollapse )Wish me luck!

Aug. 4th, 2009

whoa summer

The highlights in creative genius are:

three skull caps
a tester "scrubbie"
several pairs of baby booties
4 cage-size blankets for a neighboring dog shelter more hereCollapse )
two baby blanket WIP - one of them is the cables afghan from months ago. of course I didn't realize quite how long I had been carrying it around until I glanced back at these posts - yikes! the other is my first foray into filet crochet - it is so easy I'm loving it!

I will post baby blanket pictures as soon as they are completed.....which might be another month LOL

I've got to clean up some more since we'll be on our way to the West Coast and Vegas this friday (YAY!) but I think this afternoon is shaping up to be a perfect "hook in hand" time.

Oh, on a side - if crochet is your thing and you're feeling outnumbered by the needle-weilders check out this site  It's an amazing gathering of crocheters big and small. I love the atmosphere of the users - hold that hook high! and head over to CLF.

May. 18th, 2009

As I promised

As I promised, a pic next time I logged on. My wonderful fiance loaded some pics from the camera today so here is the Pink Hippo:Gordy.Collapse )

May. 17th, 2009


So I've been crocheting cables. I'm very excited because it's such a "knit-centric" look, to conquer it with the hook is truly satisfying.  I am working on a pink afghan and it's coming out wonderfully. The cables really do look much harder than they are. I'm using the pattern from this book. I don't normally get around to posting pics until I'm finished, but you can find me under Cromantic on Ravelry.com if you're curious.

I also did finish an amigurumi. I'm happy about this because out of the few amis I've attempted, this little pink hippo actually came out the way it "should".  The pattern is out of a Vanna White book. I think I'll go for the monkey...or the lion next.

Just a quickie update with the promise that when I next write I will include pics. I know crochet is a lost effect online without the pictures!

Apr. 2nd, 2009

afghan 2

I'm thinking of starting another afghan. What of the first you say? Well, it may be downgraded to a shawl since I have no real intent regarding a potential owner and I'm bored with the overly simple ripple pattern. I saw a neat pattern for a hexagon baby blanket, which is just the right inspiration for my cousin's second baby.

Otherwise, work and wedding planning (yes, even so far in advance) are keeping me occupied. Speaking of which, we're narrowing down colors, and I already made out a very rough guest-list.  There are 100+ decisions to make before you can make the other 100+ As the bride I am so very stuck with all the planning - whether I want it or not. Luckily my groom is at least mostly interested in what's going on so I'm not out there alone.

Tomorrow is a 10 hour day... peace....

Mar. 27th, 2009

Waffle Weave

Off to a running start.
I taught myself "Waffle Weave" crochet last night. It's a bit tricky to get started but moves along nicely afterward. It creates a layered fabric which is pretty durable. I used Sugar n' Creme, cotton, yarn and I feel this style would be great for dishcloths or face scubbies. It really seems sturdy (good for scrubbing!) and has a padded texture (good for faces!). I'll post when I actually use a waffle weave in a dishcloth. The swatch I made last night is under my teacup now...

Not a long post today. More to do - like link this to ravelry AND make tweeks to this new journal.